Wow, looking back on that last post was really, really hard. I had forgotten how horrible my summer was! Dad’s okay, turned out that he had really bad Diverticulitis and he had 18 inches of his colon taken out and spent a month in the hospital. My cat, who I got as a present for my 7th birthday, was diagnosed with VERY severe diabetes around the time of my last post. About a month ago while I was at school my mom had to take her in to be put down. She had a great long life and now she’s in a better place. The only thing I worry about with that now is our other cat who never gets any attention unless I’m home which is rare…. because I have my own apartment now!

I’m a week away from finishing my first semester of dental hygiene school! I’ve never been through anything like this before. It’s exciting, nauseating, frustrating, stressful, and I love every minute of it! (most of the time) the other 38 girls/women are wonderful, it’s astounding to see so many people come together so quickly! I live with another girl who’s also in the hygiene program and we get along pretty well. Never thought that would happen, considering the first time we met was the day we moved in!

Anyway, I’m between studying and stumbled over my blog which hasn’t been updated in sooooo long, and I left on a pretty bad note, so here ya go. One more week of studying and I don’t have to open a book for over a month =)   I think I can, I think I can….


This morning as I got out of bed, after fighting with the alarm clock for an hour and 8 minutes, I jumped in the shower. Looking into Dad’s room he was still in bed and completely under the covers. We were to leave just 45 minutes later for the hour-and-a-half drive to Cumberland on the hunt for my new apartment. I didn’t think much of him still being in bed, he doesn’t take nearly as long to get ready as I do. Out of the shower 15 minutes later, put my eyes in (contacts), dried my hair, and started the walk back to my room to get dressed. I peeked in Dad’s room again to make sure he was awake. This time Mom was sitting on the bed next to him (still completely under the covers, the lazy bum) and on the phone. I overheard her say something about an ambulance.

Not again. He just got home on Friday!!!

Oh yes, again. Mom stopped me when I reached the door to my room. We wouldn’t be going to Cumberland today as planned. Dad had been up all night, nauseous, frequent trips to the bathroom (with blood as well), and in severe pain unlike any he’s had before. After getting Dad up and in the shower, Mom wrote a list of my duties for the next day (or two, depending):

1. Pay for Eric’s lacrosse banquet

2. Return clothing to various stores

3. Go to the grocery store and get necessities (TP, TV dinners, frozen pizza, etc)

4. Take cat to the vet (ohh yeah, Dad’s not the only one needing medical assistance. We have a new diabetic in the house, but that’s another story completely)

5. Get the boys to school no matter what.

Explaining my other duties to keep the house clean, welling up with tears, she told me she wouldn’t know when she would be home. They would make the long trip to Baltimore (because the local hospital’s a joke) to find out when they can do surgery. Hugs and kisses for them both and they were on their way.


Just a little while longer until I’m on my own. My independence can wait for my Dad.


The start of a new chapter:

Freshman year is officialy OVER! And I’ve been accepted to Allegany College of Maryland where I will be studying dental hygiene. Thats right, folks. Class of 2010 Dental Hygiene!!!!

Two more years? Dental hygienist and official big girl.

Tomorrow? Looking for an apartment, doing laundry, spending time with Dad, riding my beast of a pony so she doesn’t kill me this weekend, and relaxing. It *is* summer now. Not quite sure what to do with myself…

Ok… so I lied. I never made it outside to play in the snow, much less take pictures of it. I did, however, manage to fall on my ass in the driveway because of it. Yup. I’m one of those idiots that slips on black ice in the driveway in broad daylight. Seriously, how can you not see black ice? Guess I’ll remeber to look harder from now on. My beautiful purple hip will remind me of that for a few weeks.

Anyway, to get back on topic, although I do not have snow pictures,  I do have the WWC for this week. How long has it been? Since last year? I’m not making any promises on how often I’ll play this time. I’ll get to it when I can, if I can. But without further delay, this weeks WWC. The words were triangle and elvy.


Triominos is our new favorite game. Not only is it easy to play and have a conversation at the same time, but you end up with some really cool shapes…

…Like dinosaurs!


Meet Elvis, or Elvy for short (the dog that doesn’t really look like a dog). I think Tink may have made a type-o. I’m guessing she meant that the word should have been envy. I had a hard time trying to find a picture of Elvy 🙂

Squaring off

The best part about watching these two play was that the dog got her ass beat! Felix is used to playing with a Mastif, so he really took advantage of his smaller playmate.

The Knock Out Round

At this point, Elvy decided she’d had enough of getting beaten and retired to her crate, where she spent the next hour shaking anytime the kitten walked by.

Well, this has been a rather exciting post, but with only one week left of winter break before classes start, I need to start getting to bed before 5am. So, I’m off to bed. Good night to all, and here’s to wishing it’s warmer where you are! (Here it is 10° with a wind chill probably somewhere close to zero.) 

 Until next time.

For the record, I. love. snow. What is it about snow that makes winter seem warmer? I mean, I hate being cold but I could be outside all day in the snow. Aside from not being able to go anywhere, and kids running through the yard and ruining the untouched, glorious white blanket of snow, what’s not to love? Seriously?! Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, warm fireplace, hot chocolate, beautiful white trees, bareback pony rides….

And there’s about 6 inches of it outside waiting for me. Will be back with pictures.

I. Love. Snow. The end.

Thought I would post my essays here, just ’cause. Feel free to critique, however, do keep in mind I’m a college freshman and this is for my English 101 class. Please don’t be too harsh!!!


Wow.. I haven’t posted since before we went to Florida!!! I’ll post some pictures here today in addition to the Weekly Words Challenge I actually participated in this week.


It’s common for flowers to grow from the ground…



However, cats rarely grow from pots.


I know, I know. Totally cheesey and lame. I thought it was a cute idea, though! Plus I couldn’t think of anything else :~P



Now for Florida pictures, plus a picture of Mike’s new ride!

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition 5.9 liter. I’m in love with this thing !





Blue Man Group… if you haven’t seen the show yet you’re really missing out!!! This was my second time seeing the show, and Mikes first. But we loooooved it! (that guy was pretty scary though)



Rainy Florida evening



Mongo strong! Hold rock over head like giant man.



Snookie weak. Stand. Look cute.



Grammy and Pop-Jim, our hosts for the week.



Mike’s well spent inheritance.



Boring picture post, but this is all I have time for between studying and writing papers. College is HARD! 😦


Off to Florida today! I know you’ll miss me! I’ll be back in a week with many pictures of the beautiful, hot state. I’ll also upload pictures from the beach that I didn’t get to this week as I was unpacking, washing, and repacking… plus working every day. Anywho, I’m off!!!

While I was laying in bed this morning at 4:00, I didn’t realise it would be one of those days. Ya know, one of those  this has to be what heaven looks like days. Or, from a non-religious stand point, one of those humbling days that make you feel like a spec of sand compared to the beauty of our world. I woke up at 4 am this morning and was pissed, because I was having one of those really deep sleeps that can keep you dead until 2:00pm. So after laying there for an hour trying to fall back asleep, I gave up. What can I do until its time to wake Dad up for our morning kayak ride?  Watch the sun rise! What a great way to spend the last day here!

So, after asking Dad if he wanted to join me on my morning adventure and getting groaned at, I proceeded to get dressed, braid my hair, brush my teeth and after grabbing the camera out the door I went. I went jogging down the street to the beach, afraid by the light sky that I may have missed the key of my adventure. When I got to the shore, I was releived to find the sun still hiding behind the ocean. The snow crabs were still out and about, ready to watch the sunrise with me. A group of seagulls were standing on the shore watching too, and let me snap a few pictures. The beach was bare, with but one empty beach chair in sight. It was me, the snow crabs, and the gulls there this morning to welcome the sun to a new day.

Before I left the house I got on the computer to check the sunrise time. 6:00 sharp. I looked at my phone to see how the sun matched up with the time given by It was 5:56, and I had started to see a red sun peek up from behind the horizon. By 6:18 the sun was full over the horizon, the dophins were beginning to play, the snow crabs back to their holes in the sand, and the gulls off to fetch breakfast. I stayed, walking along the beach, enjoying the quiet morning before it was time to head back to the house to get Dad up.

Sigh. I can’t think of a better way to start a day. Hope your day started as good as mine!

We forgot to bring the camera cord with us, so I can’t load the pictures until we get home tomorrow. I’ll do my best to have them up by the end of the weekend.

Happy Friday!!

…and for the adults of my family, its here! At Sandbridge Beach, VA.  We got here Sat. afternoon and will be returning home this Sat. morning. Upon returning home, a week of work and laundry are ahead of me to get ready to leave again next Sat. for the wonderful, sunny Florida!   But for right now, Sandbridge is just fine. We have a 6 bedroom beach house right on the Back Bay, and just one block away from the ocean. The cleaning ladies told us that we have the second best view of the bay. The owners of this house also own the house that has the best view, so second best is fine with me! Our days here have consisted mostly of kayaking along the bay in the morning, spending the afternoon on the beach, and enjoying dinner in our screened-in porch overlooking the bay. After dinner, some of us have taken the kayak out for a short spin to the opening of the bay from our canal. The best part of this being that my mother, the wine lover that she is, likes to sit in the front of the kayak while my middle brother, Kevin, floats her around while she drinks her wine. This hasn’t happened the past two nights due to the fact that on Monday, attempting to get out of the kayak slightly intoxicated, mom took a spill resulting in soaked clothes and a few bruises.

All in all, the trip has been great. The boy wasn’t able to join us, so we left him home to water the garden 🙂 What a great girlfriend, eh? Anyway, I don’t have the weekend words for this week but I do have some pictures from our vacation so far!

Bushel O’ Crabs

Bushel O' Crabs


View from the deck 


Crooked view from the deck


Another view 


Mom and Kevin, out for a blurry, intoxicated stroll.


She does like her wine…


 Ready to get out



That about does it for today. It’s about time for me to turn in for the night. Tomorrow? A 6am kayak ride with Dad, then hanging out on the beach for the rest of the day. Maybe I’ll get around to another post, but maybe not.